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Serving Alabama’s Healthcare Needs One Community at a Time

When every Alabamian has access to quality healthcare in their community, we benefit as a state and as a people

Healthcare Development Services for Underserved & Rural Alabama Communities

At AHEC, we take great pride in enhancing access to quality healthcare—whether that be for students interested in a career in healthcare, scholars currently enrolled in healthcare programs, or practicing professionals in search of enhancing their knowledge and experience. We’ve created a strategic partnership with academic programs, communities, and professional organizations to bring primary and preventative care to the forefront of Alabama.

The underserved and rural healthcare workforce is our top priority at AHEC. We aspire to build a ready workforce so all Alabamians can have equal access to quality healthcare. In doing so, we also increase awareness and understanding of AHEC and strengthen partnerships in communities across the state for stronger awareness and community engagement.

Our Programs

During each phase of a professional’s healthcare journey, from interest to education, recruitment to professional development, AHEC is working to promote care equity throughout the state. By collaborating with local institutions and leaders in historically underserved and rural communities, we’re connecting those who need healthcare with those who can provide it. Here’s how.

Health Career Program

The Alabama Statewide Pathway Program is designed for high school students who are looking to better themselves, those around them, and their community.

Health Professionals Student Program

For those pursuing healthcare degrees from two or four-year colleges, our collegiate programs offer a way to serve in their rural communities, honing their skills while developing responsive and much-needed healthcare systems.

Practicing Professionals

If you’re in search of additional education or are looking to become an AHEC donor, our practicing professionals services could be for you. Here you’ll work toward increasing diversity and equity in the quality of healthcare provided across the state, bettering the lives of nearly 5 million residents.

Alabama Office of Healthcare Workforce

Driven to discover, the Alabama Office of Healthcare Workforce (AOHW) strives to empower the healthcare workforce and policy-makers through effective healthcare data research..

At AHEC, we’re building and supporting the healthcare workforce Alabama needs.
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