Practicing Professionals

AHEC Practicing Professionals Program

Learn together as interpersonal professionals and focus on working with Alabama’s medically disadvantaged populations

Community Based Educational Training

AHEC’s Community-Based Educational Training program works to pair health care students with providers to serve as their preceptors for clinical rotations. We partner with providers in our underserved communities as well as health professional shortage areas. Our aim is to develop programs for continuing professionals to enhance their clinical skills, address ongoing and emerging health trends in the state, and help professionals maintain their licensure and certifications.

What We Offer

AHEC identifies the needs of healthcare professionals throughout the state and takes the programming to them—in-person or via remote education. This helps to support quality healthcare delivery and enables professionals to maintain their licensure and certifications in a cost-efficient manner, all while staying in or near their communities.

Each of our continuing education programs provide professionals with seminars, certification courses, skills workshops, and so much more. Wherever you’re located in the state of Alabama, you’re able to access the education you need whenever you need it.

We offer assistance with:

  • Preceptor Apprenticeship
  • Housing Reimbursements
  • Mileage Reimbursement
  • Travel Expenses

Aspiring Community Activists

If you’re an aspiring activist looking to make a difference in your community, our advancing health literacy program could help you become more proactive in your healthcare decisions. This program helps citizens take an active role in their healthcare by teaching them ways to communicate with providers and understand the evolving world of healthcare.

Additionally, our CHW program fills a gap in our most resistant communities by placing a trusted member of the community in a respected position to address health literacy and encourage the use of programming that would improve overall health. We offer HIV screening in an attempt to educate and screen niche groups to connect them to proper care. We also serve as the liaison between the residents of the state of Alabama and the healthcare system.

Why It’s Important

Rural and medically underserved communities need aspiring healthcare professionals like you to improve their access, their understanding, and their lives. By becoming a part of our Practicing Professionals Program, you get the experience you need to further your healthcare dreams while promoting access to and use of healthcare resources in skeptical communities. When every Alabamian has access to quality, affordable care, we all succeed. Join us by getting in touch today.

Join AHEC through our Practicing Professionals Program & serve your community through outreach, professional development, & ongoing certification. Get in touch!

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